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France ‘s capital Paris metro is one of the world’s oldest and largest metro in Paris. The first line of the Paris metro was built in 1900 and today there are 16 lines with total length of 214K lines [1]. architectural form of the Paris metro as a symbol of the city of Paris was influenced by art nouveau . The first line of the place was built in 1900 for the Exposition universelle activity.

since 1900 , which has become an indispensable part of life for the Paris metro , 14 of the main line 2 of them even had an excellent transportation network consisting of a total of 16 214 kilometers in length , including additional lines . Anywhere subway line network can change with the transfer point 62 units for easy access anywhere, at first glance, highly functional and life- facilitating transport network after solving the logic may seem chaotic. How can I explain , Kadıköy’dey Tuzla , from Tuzla to Üsküdar , Uskudar from Sarıyer , Sarıyer from Baghdad Street , Baghdad Street that you can go freely from Nisantasi , also consider your maximum journey time is half an hour . So, imagine that most of 100-150 meters away as the nearest subway station ; Paris metro is such an access network

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